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that last year in a thrilling Cheap Dennis Smith Jr. Jersey six game series with an NBA

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Mavericks and Knicks fans are going to read the headline and believe I need to set up an immediate session with Frasier Crane but truly, if we look back since Feb. 1, 2019 till now, I wholeheartedly believe that the Dallas Mavericks Cheap Dennis Smith Jr. Jersey won the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

The Knicks (currently 19-18 ) are in playoff contention for the first time since the 40 year-old Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler 2013 team. Dallas native Julius Randle is having a remarkable break-out season and Wholesale Dallas Mavericks Jerseys the Knicks actually look….impressive?

Even with their potentially promising future with a playoff berth this year, Dallas already received that last year in a thrilling six game series with an NBA Finals favorite in the Los Angeles Clippers and Cheap Jason Kidd Jersey will be in the playoff hunt for all of the Luka Doncic-Kristaps Porzingis era. As Porzingis is two games away from approaching 82 total games as a Dallas Maverick, I want to state my reasons why two years in, Dallas (currently 18-16) has won the Porzingis trade.

Damn Knicks are so dumb 2k wouldn’t even allow that trade pic.twitter.com/LbcTvyLn8c

— Devin Sharkey (@dsharkey_14) January 31, 2019
Dennis Smith Jr was a bust in New York
When the Mavs acquired Porzingis, Dallas gave the Knicks Cheap Tyson Chandler Jersey in return Dennis Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews, a 2021 first round pick as well as 2023 first round pick (conditional on the Mavericks not moving up in the 2019 lottery, which they did not, otherwise those picks would’ve Cheap Wesley Matthews Jersey been 2022 and 2024). Smith was a second year super athletic guard who was supposed to be the scoring guard of the future for the Cheap Tim Hardaway Jr. Jersey Knicks. He showed amazing flashes as an All-Rookie for the Mavs and was set for a big role for the Mavericks his sophomore year until Luka Doncic started doing Luka Doncic things and that marriage never seemed to quite work.

It was only right the Mavs traded him and he was the biggest player-asset Dallas gave up to get Porzingis. Once traded to the Knicks, the injury bug hit Smith and new coach Tom Thibodeau’s strategy to play his Cheap Luka Doncic Jersey best players the entire game created a shorter rotation which left Smith on the bench. This caused him to eventually get traded to the Pistons, where he is now trying to rejuvenate his career.

“I’m not sure but I will say I’m thankful for the opportunity that they gave me”

– Dennis Smith Jr. on his time with the Knicks and Cheap Kristaps Porzingis Jersey why he thinks things didn’t work out in New York pic.twitter.com/HkyxD9W49R

— Knicks Videos (@sny_knicks) February 10, 2021
So if you were to tell me Dallas gave up three guys who are not even on the Knicks two years later (Wesley Matthews Cheap Courtney Lee Jersey only played one game for New York) for an 7’3” 25 year old who is averaging 20 points and 8 rebounds and not even at his full-self then I’ll take that deal seven days a week and twice on Tuesday.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is that guy!
My personal but brutally straightforward opinion — if you got the best player in a trade, it’s hard for me to say that you lost a trade. If you received the best two players in a trade… it’s no question who ‘won’.

As our own Ben Zajdel stated this past weekend: “[Tim] Hardaway has become an integral part of the Mavericks’ roster.”


Tim Hardaway Jr. Is no longer a bad contract waiting to be traded
Tim Hardaway Jr. through 123 games as a Maverick is averaging 16 points per game while shooting 39% from deep and establishing himself as one of the microwave-type players in the league. The Knicks gave Dallas Hardaway as a “salary dump veteran” but I bet they wish they had his veteran experience and consistent shooting stroke to go along with some of those young guards such as Immanuel Cheap Tim Hardaway Jersey Quickley and R.J Barrett.

Also if you are a true Mavericks fan you must know when Tim Hardaway Sr. attends a Mavs game, Hardaway puts up nuclear performances and nearly guarantees a win when he’s there. It’s hard for me to go against those odds as if he were to attend every single Dallas game, I would take my savings, put it into my checking account, and head to Vegas to place a bet on the Mavericks winning the Larry O’Brien.

Dallas needed a second star… who is not old
There’s a funny line in The Office where Steve Carrell’s character Michael Scott, a profound idiot, says “you know what they say. Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice…strike three.”

In terms of free agency/trade acquisitions, Dallas was on strike three a decade ago. Whether it’s letting Tyson Chandler walk in 2011, not signing prime Deron Williams, not signing prime Dwight Howard, the prime DeAndre Jordan fiasco, signing Williams only after he lost his secret stuff, trading for Rajon Rondo in 2014 when Dallas was legitimately awesome, to signing DeAndre Jordan four years later just to trade him half a season in and recently missing out on Kemba Walker. Stars do not sign in Dallas and that’s okay — that’s why if Dallas can do a mid-season trade for one, they should hop on it.

Dallas needs to get a star who is on his way towards reaching his potential or entering his prime and they got that with Porzingis. They took the risk of taking Porzingis off of a knee injury from the Knicks but that move turned into the 2020 Mavs having the most efficient offensive team in NBA history with an offensive net rating of 115.9 per 100 possessions.

Porzingis, when healthy, is the perfect big man to go along Doncic for the future and the best time that showed was in the six games in the bubble last season where Porzingis averaged 30.5 points and 9.5 rebounds per game. His ability to pick and pop, taking advantage of a mismatch for the opposing center, creating immaculate spacing for Doncic and the shooters was a sight to see. Thanks to this historic offense, the Mavericks were able to break a four year playoff hiatus.

The Knicks could have had a better deal!
So the Knicks did sign Julius Randle and Marcus Morris in the Summer of 2019 and traded Morris for a first round pick which turned out to be Immanuel Quickly.

Great move, no question.

But they had enough cap space to not do the Porzingis trade, keep him and sign Julius Randle to play along with he and RJ Barrett. Instead they were impatient. If they wanted to trade Porzingis, his value was way higher than what the Mavericks gave them unless they thought Dallas was going to be a lottery team in the next three years and overrated the value of those two first round picks they received.

Players such as D’Angelo Russell, Blake Griffin and Andrew Wiggins were traded for way more value than Porzingis when he is in the same group if not higher caliber of talent. Ex-Knicks President Steve Mills said they had eight potential trade scenarios with one being a possible Pelicans Anthony Davis trade. Trading away such a high potential talent for no return to show for it now but two future draft picks is a tough loss.

The idea that #Knicks had to trade @kporzee to clear cap for two max free agents is a joke. Everyone knew this free agent class was loaded years ago, so why did the Knicks dig themselves a cap hole, instead of preparing to sign two max deals, AND KEEP KRISTAPS PORZINGIS???

— Max Kellerman (@maxkellerman) January 31, 2019
The Knicks’ front office claimed doing the trade with the Mavericks originally was to create cap space for a possible big free agent signing of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant summer of 2019 and dump Hardaway’s and Courtney Lee’s contract but they paid a premium. Not only did they lose out on both guys but they went down the street to play in Barclays Center and take DeAndre Jordan with them. These consistent misses caused President Steve Mills and coach David Fizdale to be without NBA jobs to this day.

KP is still a unicorn
Yes, I know the main reason New York Media outlets believe they won the trade is because Porzingis have missed a ton of games in his tenure as a Maverick. Healthy Porzingis still has major superstar upside. Porzingis’s potential to be a major building block of the future is still high.

Porzingis is not being asked to be the main guy now, he’s a secondary option and possibly can be good enough to be a second option on a contending team if he can put up the stats he had in his sole All-Star season in New York.

It’s no question that if he shows the desire to be elite, he can truly cement himself as an elite big man in today’s NBA. One step in the right direction for Porzingis is next offseason, be able to train without worrying about rehabbing another injury so he can start the season ready to take contact better. Hopefully working on his body and getting a better diet will cause him not to be so injury prone.

In regards to the original trade, even if Porzingis misses some games, Doncic is so good the Mavericks floor can only be so low. It’s doubtful the Knicks will receive a lottery pick. I can confidently say I don’t believe there is no non-lottery pick in the 2022 draft as well as the 2023 draft that will have more talent and upside than Kristaps Porzingis.

The only way Dallas can lose this trade is if something catastrophic happens to Porzingis or the rest of the team. I think Mark Cuban is willing to take on that risk and the Mavericks are better for it.

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Jerry likes to say that “if you work for yourself, you can’t fire yourself.” But isn’t that just what John Elway did in Denver? Hall-of-Famer Elway is as iconic in Colorado as Hall-of-Famer Jones is in Texas. But the Broncos boss, realizing that he’s overseeing the first team in NFL history to go to the Super Bowl one year and then fail to make the playoffs for the next five years straight, basically “bumped himself upstairs” in the Broncos organization and is now overseeing the hiring of the GM who will replace him.

If Elway can do it … why can’t Jerry Jones? If the Broncos think five years is too long, how can the Cowboys not think 25 years is too long?

*Supposed to be all positive and forward-looking and “new” in 2021, but if you dare to remember the lowlights of the Cowboys’ 2020 grab a barf bag and … here.

5. Alex English

English was the first player to score 2,000 points in eight consecutive NBA seasons. One of the greatest scorers ever, he averaged 22 points and six rebounds per game and was an eight-time All-Star during his 16-year NBA career. His first few years in the league with Milwaukee and Indiana were rather uneventful, but he began assaulting the NBAs scoring records beginning in 1980 as a member of the Denver Nuggets.

For a full decade through 1990, he was the leagues highest scoring player and helped the franchise reach the Western Conference Finals in 1985. No player scored more in the 1980s than the much-slept-on Cheap Alex English Jersey, one of the coldest offensive weapons ever.

4. Sam Jones

One of the greatest winners in the history of professional sports, Jones won ten NBA rings with the Celtics. He’s known as one of the most clutch players ever and, along with Bill Russell and K.C. Jones, was a part of eight straight NBA championship teams from 1959 to 1966.

*Couple eye-popping Cowboys’ stats from the final autopsy: How many offensive holding penalties you think they were flagged for? Yeah, me too. I was thinking at least one per game, so … like 18ish? Nope. Nine. NINE! Well below the league average of 14. More confounding, head coach Mike McCarthy tried more fake punts (3) than he threw challenge flags (2).

*Sad news this week re: the passing of radio icon Tom Bigby. Gruff? You betcha. Irrationally demanding? Dang skippy. Creative genius? Yep, above all else. Bigby hired me full-time at 105.3 The Fan in 2009, pairing me first with Newy Scruggs and later Greg Williams. Think of him as the Don Meredith of The Fan, the star who put the fledgling franchise station on the map before it got really good.

*Why is it Froot Loops instead of Fruit Loops?

*In his first game off the Mavs’ bench, Cheap Tim Hardaway Jr. Jersey produced an uncanny performance: 30 points on 14 shots.

Happened only four times before in team history and I almost guarantee you can’t name the quartet: Cheap Adrian Dantley Jersey, Cheap Chris Gatling Jersey, Nick Van Exel and Austin Croshere.

I would say that’s an impressive group to be included in, but it’s really more eclectic than excellence.

That’s not to say Tim hasn’t been excellent; his unselfishness here is notable enough.

*Think I’ll call my bank Cheap Tim Hardaway Jersey and demand it “finds” me $11,800. I’ll pretend not to listen when it shows proof of three calculations of my correct balance, and instead I’ll rant and blame conspiracy theories and promise grave consequences if the obvious errors aren’t fixed. What? Strategy was good enough for our political leaders.

*Got a chuckle out of Sam Ehlinger announcing he was leaving Texas to enter the NFL Draft, in part, because “I’ve accomplished all I can here.”

READ MORE: Texas QB Sam Ehlinger Declares For NFL Draft

Really? The Longhorns’ quarterback went 1-4 against Oklahoma, never played for a Big 12 Championship and won only one significant bowl game (2019 Sugar over Georgia). Ehlinger is a tough runner and … beyond that, let’s face it, not cut out to be a star in the NFL. Arm not strong enough, much less accurate enough. He’s a really poor man’s Tim Tebow who will bump his ceiling at Taysom Hill.

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LOS ANGELES — The Dallas Mavericks built a historic 50-point halftime lead en route to demolishing the LA Clippers 124-73 on Sunday.

The Mavericks’ 77-27 halftime lead at Staples Center topped the previous mark for biggest halftime lead in an NBA game — 47 points by the Golden State Warriors over the Sacramento Kings in November 1991, according to Elias Sports Bureau research.

The Mavericks (1-2) led by 57 at one point and maintained a lead of at least 40 points for the final 31 minutes, 11 seconds, the longest stretch by any team over the past 25 seasons, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information.

“We showed who we are,” said Mavericks point guard Cheap Luka Doncic Jersey, who had 24 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in 26 minutes. “People judged us off the first two games of the season. It’s a long season, but we’ve got to keep going like that. We’ve got to play defense. That’s our specialty from now on.”


Inside the numbers of Mavs’ 51-point win over Clips
The Clippers (2-1) hope they won’t be judged by the worst loss in franchise history. The 51-point defeat surpassed a 50-point loss to the Seattle SuperSonics in December 1988.

Playing without the injured Kawhi Leonard (mouth laceration) and Marcus Morris (knee), the Clippers scored just five points in the first eight-plus minutes and didn’t reach 20 points until there was 5:01 left in the second quarter.

“I take full responsibility,” said Clippers guard Paul George, who scored 15 points but missed all six of his 3-point attempts. “You know, it’s a tough game coming [after] Christmas. I enjoyed my Christmas Day [celebration] yesterday. Today just popped up on me a little too fast. I’ll take full ownership for that, coming out and being prepared to play today. Be a different situation come next game, and we will be ready.”

The Clippers’ first-half woes came after an impressive start to the season in which they beat the Los Angeles Lakers on opening night and defeated the Nuggets in Denver on Friday.

They didn’t return to Los Angeles until early Saturday, and the team spent the day celebrating the holiday with their families because Cheap Tim Hardaway Jersey were on the road for Christmas Day, George said.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Day yesterday and that was the reason for a sluggish day today,” George said.

The Mavericks opened the game shooting 58% overall, burying nine 3-pointers in the first half. The Clippers made a total of nine field goals while missing 18 of 19 3-point attempts in the half, their worst 3-point field goal percentage in a half over the past 25 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Info research.

“The funny thing is, no one realized it until we got into halftime, to be honest with you,” Mavs guard Cheap Tim Hardaway Jr. Jersey said of the halftime margin. “It was just everybody making sure that we didn’t focus on the score at all. … Everything was just clicking on all cylinders, and thankfully we got the win.”

Ty Lue’s team finished 4-for-33 from 3-point range. Before the game, the Clippers’ coach said he wasn’t sure when Leonard will return. The All-Star forward needed eight stitches on his mouth following Friday night’s win in Denver.

Lue and George both said the Clippers will be ready Tuesday when they face Minnesota at home.

“Just an exception,” Lue said of the loss. “It doesn’t take away from what we’ve been doing and what we’ve been working on and how we’re trying to get better each night.

“[There] wasn’t a lot of fight, a lot of pop tonight, and we know we’ll have that come next game.”